The First Smile You Gave Me…

I never dreamt of roses,
neither of letters of love,
nor of photos in intimate poses,
My fb status is still single-
But, I do dream about us- yes…

Your hands were never in mine,
Rarely do our paths align,
But, dear, it’s just fine,
I need you somehow-
But, I do stay alone- I could…yes…

I enjoy the cocktails,
Along the DJs n the dance trails,
But, always the drink fails-
I still remember you-
Through out…yes…

It’s years past we last met,
But the thrill I still get,
& I hope I never forget-
The first smile you gave me….
& your genuine face …
Abstract:- The character tells about his state years past he first met his special some one, whom he misses, as does he love.


2 comments on “The First Smile You Gave Me…

  1. xyz says:

    nice………….. 🙂

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