& Here broke the week,
I was late for the first lecture- bunked,
I choose that better,
Missed the class jokes- tears,
Still that sinscere tie-guy gave me –
The notes for that missed lecture- who reads..?-
(I mean until just a night before the exams)…
I remember… I attended the rest of the classes- 
The theory, the the practicals & those stares through the glasses,
Had kept my branded watch, on my bench,
that cut me a notch, when lost…
In that pain deep, 
While I return & weep,
I slip on a fresh sweep,
Oh it broke-“beep”, “beep”,
just… a clear “BEEP”…
I had a date planned that night,
but  that broke leg couldn’t move right,
Had a bad bad fight,
with my gf…
May be this weekend close,
Lets me relax with a dose-
of  a drink that turns me up,
turns me up so tight…

Oh, so now I’m in the bed,
before my TV, laid,
& the show is awesome,
Ahh, the relaxation… … …

OHHH SH*T!!! I have a SUBMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abstract:- The character…oh, leave,.. this needs no explanation- a college going guy can empathize…


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