Passive Breaths

The flavour of thy love with,
Flow the passive breaths,
The dreams intermittent,
The light rays engaged with the eye-lids-
curious to see their dreams unfold-
with sweet alacrity…

The forgotten sense of the  world, outer-
A spring of imagination, begot ,
That giveth pleasure, giveth joy,
& giveth bliss…
& flow the passive breaths…

From a faraway land, flow hitherward –
The waves of  philia , Oh friend…
I cry in bliss.
 For this affection touches me deep,
As flow the passive breaths…
Flow…the passive breaths…

Abstract:-  The character, without worldly awareness, breaths his passive breaths, accompanied by bliss giving dreams &  imagination, his eyes being touched by light rays curious to see his dreams unfold. He feels waves of affection reaching to him from faraway land from his friend to make him cry in bliss.


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