Saa…Feminam Excellens…

क्लिष्टा गुह्या गुह्यरूपा गौह्य्यालंकारगर्विता॥
मग्ना मुग्धा मुग्धमुद्रा चित्तमानसहर्षिता।
सुमा सौम्या सौम्यशब्दा सौम्यवसना सुधा॥
शिष्टा श्लीलप्रभापूर्णा श्लीलभावमनोमयी॥
प्रगल्भमार्दवोदत्तनेत्रा सुभद्रोष्ठविस्तीर्णसुश्मिता।
प्रसन्नभावा उदारतत्त्वा विशेषा माधुर्यातिशया॥
सौख्यक्रमा रतिसौंदर्यविक्रमा शुभ्रेन्दुधवलकलिका च शुभा।
प्रीतिप्रिया प्रियकरसुप्रिया सुप्रीतिप्रेरितप्रेमचर्या॥
श्लीलहास्यधरा धन्या स्विष्टसर्वा सुखा सुखा।
सुमगंधिता जलशीतला या, सा मे हृदि शोभते प्रियार्या॥
सा मे हृदि शोभते प्रियार्या॥

Abstract:- Describing her beauty & character, the character declares an elegant female as adorning his heart-


The one who attracts mind with mysteriousness & deepness , elevated with beauty,
Complex, mysterious, raised by the ornament of mysteriousness,
Immersed in & stupefied , ecstatic of mind & the conscious,
A Floret, soft, soft-worded,  soft-clothed , the one like nectar of the flowers,
The one who allays the desires of tongue with the thirst for the love-drops,
Wise, with elegant gleam & dissolved in the elegant sentiment,
With eyes arisen with mature gentleness,  giving broad smile with gracious lips,
With placid expressions & generous principles, special & extremely sweet & seraphic,
Like series of joy, of enormous amorous beauty, a bud,white like the white moon, auspicious,
Loving the ardor & loved by the lover, of the amorous conduct directed by the good love,
Holding elegant smile, happy, having everything felicitous , bliss, bliss,
Yes, the one who is fragrant like a flower, cold like the water,
Her, esteemed & respectable,  she, embellishes my heart…

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by Monier Monier-Williams;
by Carl Capeller (1891);
Spoken Sanskrit Dictionary at-

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For the Latin component of the title:- Google Translate.


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