Precious Tears


I have cherished in my heart,
I’ve cherished in my eyes,
For longer than epochs,
Besides the yearning sighs…

They tell me of my love for you,
When they touch me amidst the cries,
They beat through my heart &
Within me soul dies…

My soul dies in great glee,
Which all pains defies,
Which cometh  from my love for thee,
That within me lies…

The joy be for I cry for you,
For you the tears arise,
For they are  so pure- as-
Of the elegant you comprise,
Of the elegant you comprise…

Abstract:- The character has cherished many a  tears & sighs for his love for a long time. They remind him of his love for the person & grab his core while his soul dies within. Though, besides merely tears, he expresses his soul experiences a great joy which defies all his pains. This joy is for he finds his tears are so pure as they are cried for an elegant adorable  entity which he admires, which makes these tears sweet & makes them precious.

Relevant Word-Meanings:-
yearn:- to desire something strongly, esp. something difficult or impossible to obtain;
defy:- challenge;
cometh:-verb Archaic . 3rd person singular present indicative of come;
pure:- (here) clear, free from blemishes;

References for the Word-Meanings:-
Cambridge Dictionaries Online:;
TheSage’s English Dictionary & Thesaurus, Sequence Publishing; :




2 comments on “Precious Tears

  1. aai says:

    r u in love ?

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