My tears were so sweet that I couldn’t them bear,
Your friendly smiles were fake but dear,
Thanks you cared to shower these on me,
‘Cause now I’m left with only them here…

I see through dreams & memories clear-
Rise many cries & eyes all sere,
& closed many doors, so harshly, though-
Flowers of affection besides them appear…

I save this flower & smell it’s scent,
With the flavor so awing that you lent,
I’m glad I felt this with my breaths,
Which for you lived & for you went…


Abstract:-  Though just left with formal & friendly smiles & sweet tears, the character thanks his friend for showering these on him, for these form the only asset he has got. He says, while he sees through his dreams & memories- along with many cries, sere eyes &  harshly closed doors , he also observes flowers of affection appearing in his mind. He is glad that he could feel such a feeling in his life, a life in which his breaths  lived & went for his dear beloved friend, whom he, thus, thanks.
Relevant Word-Meanings:-
sere:- withered; dry;
lent:- past tense of lend;

References for the Word-Meanings:-
The Free Dictionary by Farlex:





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