Words did wander, words did fly,
Arrive here, they come from the high,
Dove in the rivers, basked in the suns &
Heavens they nested, in the sky…

They smelled the scents that flowers from flee,
They grasped the emotion , the thought & the glee,
They yell the sighs to my ear & me,
Move through the lights , they  beauty see…

I wish that I hold’em close within here,
Within my heart beats & the lips so dear,
To feel the seas, infinite, enormous  not mere,
Of the rays they throw, of dawns to appear…

Abstract:-  The author tries to express what he feels about words, where they come from, how they move & be. He also expresses that he wishes to hold them close to feel the infinite sea of substance that they could deliver.

Origin:- This poem is inspired from one of my childhood marathi poems which my mum loved & reminded me of. This has caused me to revisit the theme & develop it in English.

Relevant Word-Meanings:-
flee:-to escape by running away,
glee:-happiness or great pleasure,
yell:- to shout words or make a loud noise;
sigh:-to breathe out a deep breath that can be heard;
dawn:- the period in the day when light from the sun begins to appear in the sky;

References for the Word-Meanings:-
Cambridge Dictionaries Online: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/


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