The Storm Beneath The Sea…

Governance not it obey,
Not obey a norm,
Roars abound,
The ruthless storm,
The storm that I fear,
Below me & near,
Waves that bear-
Of vicious form,

O harsh storm,
Bring you what,
From the depths so dark,
That I see not,
Dark, azure,
clear & black,
-The color of thy depths,
Of my fear, Of the lack,
Creatures strange,
Within you prowl,
You strike the skies,
& the skies fall,
Fathoms of fear-
& fear, I see,
O Lord, I dread,
I cannot be,
Falling from the fear-fair,
Silent sleep me,
Moving  be still-
The storm beneath the sea,
Moving be still-
The storm beneath the sea…

Abstract:- The poet speaks of & addresses a vicious, roaring storm, that lie not on the fore but beneath the sea,&  that he fears. He ponders upon what the storm shall bring from it’s dark depths & the strange creatures that prowl within it. The color of the sea depths, he thinks, resembles that of his fear & lack. He sees the skies fall as the storm strike them, & thus feels enormous fear then & sees much coming thereafter. At last, he falls from this fear-fair to sleep, but the storm within the  sea-depths is still moving & alive.

Relevant Word-Meanings:-
abound:- to exist in large numbers;
ruthless:- cruel, or determined to succeed without caring about others;
vicious:- likely to be violent;
azure:-(having) the bright blue colour of the sky on a sunny day;
prowl:-to move around an area quietly and secretly, as when hunting;
fathom:-a unit of measurement of the depth of water;
dread:-To be in terror of;

References for the Word-Meanings:-
Cambridge Dictionaries  Online:
The Free Dictionary by Farlex:


2 comments on “The Storm Beneath The Sea…

  1. Ashutosh says:

    This is very nicely written…… a lead actor of english drama would love to have these dialogues in the climax scene…. this will very well define the character how strong and brave it was. and this should still be believed even though the character was silent throught its existance…..

    • creatioblog says:

      Yes…you have identified a ‘storm’ with a positive shade Ashu,& the one that was in my mind while I wrote was a storm of a bit unknown nature…something that causes fear for this…It feels nice to wonder about these different versions with different shades…

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