Je Man:Spandani Vinalele…Woven With Mind & Heart…

Je Man:Spandani Vinalele…

Kiteek janmale, kiteek mele,
Parva kiteek wahuni gele,
Bhav kahi saha shabda ole-
Pan he manaat tasech thele,

Kadhi jai na sodavale,
Kalpanant je rujalele,
Tech swapna je ya mani fule,
Man:spandani vinalele;
Je Man:spandani vinalele…

Woven With Mind & Heart…

Many were born, many did die,
Epochs many did flow away,
Feelings some & words wet by,
Still within my mind stay…

Never could be left, which do lie-
Deep within my dream’s way,
Woven with mind & heart which be,
Yes, those fantasies , which mind lay…

Abstract:- The character faced many a people, who were born & died, faced many an epochs passing by him. Out of his lot of experience, only a few  feelings & words wet with emotion could stay in his mind till the day. Those fantasies born in his mind, which lie deep within in his imagination & are woven with his mind & heart, could  never be left, he expresses.

Relevant Word-Meanings:-
Epoch:-  a. A particular period of history, especially one considered remarkable or noteworthy.
b. A notable event that marks the beginning of such a period.

References for the Word-Meanings:-
The Free Dictionary by Farlex:


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