Dead In Happiness!

Behind my face, besides the mess,
Letters of love to thee address-
My heart, tender, young & naive,
Do I click or impress?

I can’t bear this, it’s excess,
What you said, was it ‘yes’?
I couldn’t guess,I confess,
I’ll be dead in happiness!
Be, sure, dead  in happiness!!!

Abstract:- Behind the see of his mind & besides the mess of his life, the character’s tender, young & naive heart has been addressing love letters to his love. & he asks -was he able to click & impress his love? His love responds with an agreeing nod to his huge happiness & surprise. He thinks, he’ll almost be dead in this happiness. [Rare scenario, I guess, friends…:(…]

Relevant Word-Meanings:-
naive:- lacking worldly experience and understanding;
click:- become clear or enter one’s consciousness or emotions;
confess:- to admit that you have done something wrong, or to admit unwillingly that something is true;

References for the Word-Meanings:-
Cambridge Dictionaries Online:-
TheSage’s English Dictionary & Thesaurus, Sequence Publishing.
The Free Dictionary by Farlex:-


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