Passion Bare…

I like, I love, I feel, I care,
I see in you passion bare,
This zest so young, within thee-
Precious, echt, it from you glare…

You thrust, you struggle , I think you dare,
To move ahead, to cross the snare,
I see you be, live & wish,
You are my heart’s dearest affair…

Abstract:- The character observes a young spirit full of passion & zest which he admires & adores. He observes it live, wish, struggle & proceed & expresses that it’s his heart’s dearest affair.

Relevant Word-Meanings:-
Thee:- you; object form of thou; used when speaking to one person;
echt:- (kt) real; genuine;
snare:-A snare is also a trick or situation that deceives you or involves you unexpectedly in a problem;

References for the Word-Meanings:-
Cambridge Dictionaries Online:
The Free Dictionary by Farlex:


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