Glee Away…

My heart is mature, more than thought,
Thy love is a lure, that me caught,
My heart’s not mine, belongs you, thine,
I belong, I wish, to thee, a lot,
I belong, I wish, to thee, a lot…

I have no words, more than these,
I wish I reach the blissful ease,
I empathize, now, the pains you feel,
The glee of my soul, too, as just flees…

Abstract:-  The character feels his heart, more mature than his thought, has fallen for someone & wishes to belong to his love. Though, that’s not something possible & he wishes he still reaches the blissful ease in life. As without his soul’s glee, he can now empathize with his love who too has own desertions.

Relevant Word-Meanings:-
thine:- your; used before a vowel sound instead of thy; used when speaking to one person;
empathize:- to be able to understand how someone else feels;
glee:- happiness or great pleasure;
flee:- run away quickly;
desertion:- the act of leaving without permission, or without planning to return;
-desertion is also the act of leaving someone in a difficult situation or without help.

References for the Word-Meanings:-
Cambridge Dictionaries Online:
TheSage’s English Dictionary & Thesaurus, Sequence Publishing.


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