The Murder Freedom XD!

Rings aloud the weekend bell,
Huge n horrible  happiness yell-
My heart for it finds ahead-
The murder freedom, the freedom like hell!

‘May be a movie, a drink & a dinner well,
Arriving leisure I do smell,
The rules, jargon all I sell – to the-
The murder freedom, the freedom like hell!

So, what you do with all this wide space?
What you add above , between, at the base?
Joy, jealousy, fun n fights-
It’s all yours, with smile on the face..!

Abstract:- It’s about the huge burst of happiness at the weekend beginning & the feeling of  ‘murder freedom’- yes, the freedom granting you so much of it that it seems you are even free to murder anyone, yes,  any anyone!!! I bet , it’s just a feeling of being free…sadly 😦 (Thank god!). So, the character thinks about what he wants to do on such a weekend with the murder freedom granted! & yes, asks himself the (philosophical?) question how does he fill all this weekend space with whatever options available. Any suggestions? 🙂

P.S. -The name of the poem spurted out of my imagination & is infected with & signifies a cruel sense of violent fun! (you know what I mean by it here!) I hope you do & don’t mind the title for suitable reasons :D, :).


3 comments on “The Murder Freedom XD!

  1. creatioblog says:

    Priyaanka, Shubho, Raja…………..Will miss hugely the Sudarshan dada’s thela- the prime premises for the weekendly (daily?) discussion meets we had enjoyed so very well…:( crying , crying……

  2. or just the freedom of sleeping whole weekend 🙂 weekend sure does put a big smile on our faces!!!

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