The Fervor…

Then & now, here arrive –
The waves of fervor pure,
Besides the sands breezes deep-
Affection, O my lure…

I felt just whole of my heart,
Whole of my life, for sure,-
A moment within, with my eyes,
& the elegance He conjure…

I believe in tears, I believe in the harsh,
I believe , I assure,
I permit these, for just thee,
They not immure…

This poem expresses the deep feelings of affection, admiration & the fervor. It explains how this makes you feel as if you are feeling whole of your heart & life in a moment along with the causative piece of elegance. The author accepts the tears, pains & the harshes  that need to be, to abide by this affection & states the innocent belief that this shall not confine him to the worse in life.

Relevant Word-Meanings [US English]:-
Fervor: strong, sincere feelings,
Lure: anything that attracts people or animals, or the qualities that make something attractive,
Elegance: a refined quality of gracefulness & good taste,
Conjure: to make something appear by magic or as if by magic,
Thee: you; object form of thou; used when speaking to one person,
Immure: lock up or confine , in or as in a jail.

References for the word-meanings:-
Cambridge Dictionaries Online:
The Sage’s English Dictionary & Thesaurus, Sequence Publishing.


5 comments on “The Fervor…

  1. Ashutosh says:

    please keep on posting the marathi version of ur poems too….. its very difficult to refer dictionary to understand them….
    thnx in advance…..

  2. Ashutosh says:

    I didnot understand completely this tym…. but i got the things correctly 🙂
    all i can say is all iz wel 🙂

  3. creatioblog says:

    I hope the addition of an abstract along with some relevant word-meanings, solves the problem…You know it’s hard to translate!!!

  4. creatioblog says:

    & yes , all iz wel 🙂

  5. Ashutosh says:

    Thnx….. this additional work is really helpful for me…

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