Light Suffuse, The Bright Imbue…

Shake my aims as my wants do,
I wonder what all does tend to,
I spare my heart & tear for you,
Amidst this fall, amidst no clue!

Clue, clue, you were there too,
Just couldn’t I point at you,
For I got lost in the mist of the view,
You sparkled in eye like brighter dew,

Here I, taking you,
Start my journey ,see, anew,
We hope shall nothing but this few-
Light suffuse, the bright imbue…

The character expressing own views , is entrapped in a phase of degradation without any clue to the overcome it. Still he manages to spare his heart & tears for his dear one.  He also identifies a clue present & starts his journey anew incorporating it. He finds it worthy to hope just for the light of positivity  to spread & imbue within.
Relevant Word-Meanings[US English]:-
Suffuse: to spread through or over something completely;
Imbue: to fill something or someone with a quality or feeling;

References for the Word-Meanings:-
Cambridge Dictionaries Online:


4 comments on “Light Suffuse, The Bright Imbue…

  1. Ashutosh says:

    YOU are doing fabulous work……. nice to read this poem of diff mood altogether

  2. subhabrata datta says:

    daruun daruuuun sweetheart… 🙂 🙂

  3. hey.. this ones amazing.. esp the stringing touch uve given it!!

  4. creatioblog says:

    Thanks dear friends…& YOU be right, Ashu…

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