When A Liar Spoke A Truth

When a liar spoke a truth,when a liar spoke a truth,
With no gaps, with no ruth, when a liar spoke a truth-

O liar, we expect you to be so loyal-
To thy usual untruthful stand,
We just can’t here bear when you shatter away our brains-
With the truth in the words & a swaying hand;

How much did we wonder , why you lie-
For the pennies? for the fun?- we did so pry,
What did though turned you, which magic wand-
To a truth teller,  from a liar on the land?

Anyways , you spoke once a truth , yes a truth,
So, you broke the chain, you just broke it and-
Would you choose the truth to utter again?-
Now I’m dumb- I don’t understand!

When an-expected-to-be-liar turns out to be truthful at some instance, the character expressing his views is in confusion or rather with  no idea about what the ‘liar’ really is. Before, he had long been pondering over the ‘liar’ & what might have been making him lie. And now, as the ‘liar’ has made an exception, the character has no theory for the ‘liar’.


2 comments on “When A Liar Spoke A Truth

  1. Abhishek Dhongde says:

    “O liar, we expect you to be so loyal” .. wotta thought
    .. oossam

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