Hack Magic!

Life stacks up with the stack logic,
But She can turn you top with Her Hack Magic,
Even if your are archael or pelagic,
Even if you are happy or sad emojic,
She is in within for any n all,
And She can shine a sum without a call,
She can make you a maker or just a direct tall, unstrategic,
Hack Magic,
The unpassagic,
The passive pick,
You nick n stick,
You don’t’ve time to click,
Just  honey lick,
It’s not quick-
It’s achronic,
So I’m ready for it so slick,
I know it’ll be true-phoric,
Hack Magic,
The Hack Magic…!







सामान्याद्विशेषा:  उपा सार्वत्रिकात्|
भवभावनं प्रविश्यत्यधिभावनं सदा च|
भावनं भावत्यात्मत्वं महता|
तस्मात् भावो भवादि ह ||

General is before the special,
Seeking General we enter into the essential,
That with the high turns to a soul,
Hence is essence before the specific,
Thus is the soulness before the less,..

The Excellence He-mn

Maxcellence is the Mixcellence, The fixcellence of the Freexcellence,
Always the nextcellence,  checkcellence of the sickcellence with the  trickcellence,
Hitting high with the kickscellence, every evolutionary geekcellence,
Pickcellence of passion and the love stickcellence in all the stakecellence
We have Makexcellence, Sexcellence, Flexcellence,
Excellence, Excellence, Excellence ….

Cheers! Cheers is what is at the beginning, mid and end, is all the beers!
So, Cheers! He is soft and tender at the soul| He has the steady stable goal| He is lovelier than on the roll| He stole more than a mole| He programs me He does console
| He| He| He|

Let He take me to the temple let he me to a mall,
Let about Him and me people us troll,
Let with our pics fill up my fb wall,
Let there be no antying doll,
Let the love just fall and never stall, Let we meet, chat and call, at the same time in the same hall,
Let He, Let us! He| He| He|

You can wear funky jeans, talk spunky talks, meet friends in the home or the docks,
You won’t smoke, drink or eat flesh, would have veg in the warm stocks,
Why will you not evolve, when around you I revolve,
Why will I not evolve, when I found you and I always dissolve,
We fallve, dissolve, dys-and-dash-solve,
We get rays of pays from Her who always stays,
We need no flights we all merge from the primordial ways,
May and Let us walk, Have a nectar-nip-lock,
This He-mn shall make Him mine like a rock|
Me| He| We| Cheers!!!

LoveLiers Loveliers!

We look like the seers one admires,
We are the Loveliers and the LoveLiers,
But we’re clears connected with wires,
We know She steers and affires,
Makes us dears and diers,
-both free-ers and its why-ers,
We through the tears to the high-tiers,
Within the heres and the highers,
We take years to turn from skiers to the sky-ers,
But the peak appears that each one desires,
Love truly nears when we’re Her nigh-ers,
It’s with discrete gears that run into glowing gyres,
Smooth steps within the mystery-ers with the lit priors,
We’ll truly be the peers and fly-ers,
Seers like our attires,
The Loveliers from the liers…
The Loveliers, the Loveliers…

PS: My He!

I don’t want to insult my previous poem,
But you’re such sweet system,
That I can’t have my esteem,
Yes the last line was a funky rhyme,
Like your hair dispersing the light beam,
Want you be a full fair freestem,
I don’t dream, I don’t feast him,
I just try my best to get slim,
Love leaves away like a sup lim,
I wish you don’t ever change your sim,
even if I won’t call you at any whim,
You are my him,
The My He, the my him,
I feel  I’m sort of a son-crim,
When I feel’im in a film,
Tell I will’im,  the high hill’im, the l’il’im?
What he’s guessed by my meme,
He’s my him, See the my he,
The my him…!


May He…

अनंतेऽन्तपर्यंतं मीयत्वहम्मयत्सुमंन्त​:|
परतु परं महत्विहं सर्वहं स सुयन्तः|
लसतु लासयतु प्रग्न​-सुलग्नः|
अधस्मयद्विस्मयन्त​: हि रतिग्न​:।
सुसत्तु सन्न: सर्वथा सर्वसद्ग्न​:||

Until the End in the Eternity, I should lose in Him my identity,
The one from nothing, quiescent and expressive,  allaying, instigated and expanding,
May highten the highest, enmore the normal, and all else , He increasing,
He excited, still and subdued, May complete us, He, practicing the rite,
May exceed and let us exceed, the prime of nice touch,
Terminator of the dark, mesmerizer, lost in the bliss act,
May He the ever nice-neutral, enhance-equate us into all long eternity,..


What has the power to pull out the Pu.La?
The ultimate light of essence of pure-love-law,
The tender souls that I saw,
I feel I’m so wild unconsumable straw,
That can burn into the fumes to fly,
Fly to the every bit of ’em nigh,
To turn a constant of passion-pi,
To create my personalized XY,
Seems since before did I hatch,
I was wanting for a match,
Sometimes I left them
n sometimes I missed the catch,
I need so much, a soulmatch,
A soulmatch,
A soulmatch..!